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10:59 PM

Last week was fun! I went to Bali with my friends because there's an agenda of my faculty there. But yeah, we went there before the event started, so we had some days free for ourself to strolling around the island. Hahaha. We went there on Sunday morning and got there at around 12 am. So, the first thing we did was...eating, of course. Hahaha, we went to Naughty Nuri's which is famous for its pork ribs (highly recommended!!!). And yeah, they have just opened for its new branch restaurant in Seminyak. Then we had gelato in gelato factory near it. And we had dinner in Sister Field in Seminyak. It's a famous place, and the crazy thing is it has a cool funny toilets. Pink wall combined with mirror, and each toilet has its own quote written on the mirror.

Cute isn't it? Hahaha that's a highly recommended place too if you wanna go to Bali!
The next day we went to a coffee shop near our hotel called Pison Coffee and I had a large portion of crispy pork belly there! Haha sorry not sorry but it's a holiday so, forget about fat! Hahaha. After that, we went to Blue Point beach, but stopped to go to Pandawa Beach (because it's in the same road to Blue Point Beach), and yeah, it's so hot there (f-ing 1 am!) Hahaha, and of course we had photoshoot there (LOL)

After that we continued our trip to Blue Point beach in Uluwatu. We had to get down the stairs to go to the beach and, it was so tiring, but worth it! After that we go upstairs and had a bowl of fruits smoothies combined with coconut, and slices of fruits in Nalubowl's at Single Fin Restaurant. It's healthy and delicious! It's a highly recommended place to go to. Nalubowl's has its branches in Beachwalk, Uluwatu, and some other places.

So, it was a great 2 days at Bali before we had our agenda with the faculty there. And maybe I'll post it (the agenda) some other time. See ya!

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