Another Year

1:10 AM

Hey what is up everybody? Yeah as you know Feb 16th is my birthday, and last Feb 16th 2017...I was turning 19. I already that old. 1 year before my 20th birthday (and that's hilarious).
Yeah, many things happened, some people came to my life, some gone. And yeah, that's life. I went to a university in capital. Got many friends, some new close friends. Still make contact with old friends who are apart from me miles away for study, and some got lost contact with me. And it's just,'s life, dude.
So, last Saturday I treated my close friends who went to the same university and in a close area to me (but different universities) for my birthday lunch. Hahaha, I know it was just too late for my birthday celebration (it was because I waited for my friends who are from different univ to come back to city after holiday), but it's okay.
Some has been close to me from Senior High School (because we went to the same school) and some has been close to me because we often go together to eat, strolling around the city, and other hangout activities (LOL). I feel so comfortable with them, and yeah of course they're just like my family here. I treat them as my second family. Doing things together, telling stories about each other, being happy together, being sad together, and the most exciting thing is doing crazy things. Together. 
Family means love, caring for each other. Yeah, maybe you think your family is your mom, dad, siblings. It's true. But still, family is not only about your dad, mom, siblings; but your close friends, can be your family too. People who can make you feel home. People who can make you be you without hesitation, and people who love you, and people you love. And yeah, I love them. So. Much. Feel blessed to have them in my life. Especially here. And yeah, I still miss my mom and dad who are far apart from me (because I live by myself here, and my parents live in another city), but these guys...always make me feel home and treat part of my homesick. 

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  1. Nice pics

  2. Seems you enjoyed your birthday!! Cool pictures :)
    Mónica Sors

  3. nice post