Missing In Action

9:15 PM

It's been a while since I got plenty of time doing blogging, and these days I've been missing in action because now I'm in university and I've been adapting myself with university life. I attend to design faculty which is architecture, and yeah, assignments is just one of my meal everyday hahaha. I've got so many assignments to do, doing this and that.
And now, here I am.
How are you guys doing? Maybe a "Happy new year" would be so nice! Hahaha, I know we're well into 2017 and we've got so many new year resolutions that we had made. To love our family more, to love our lover more (if you have one, hahaha), to love ourself more, and this one, and that one, and that one.
I know, too, that some of us are not doing that and believe that thing called "new year resolution" is just a major bullshit people make in new year, every year. Right? But no, not everyone thinks like that. I don't think that thing called "new year resolution" is a bullshit, I still care about it and still make it every year, even tho I didn't tell it to everyone.
Actually I've got so many resolution that I made when 2017 came, and I try (really) to make it happen. One of 'em is...to blog regularly. Despite that I have so mannnnnnyyyyyy assignments to do, quizzes to prepare, yeah, I will try to make time for this blog.
Maybe this all for now, have a great year, hope 2017's going well for you guys!
Here's me and my friends (who turn to family) when we had our Christmas + New Year dinner, HAHAHA.

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