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Hey guys! How are you? I know it's been a long time since I posted my last content here because I've got so much things to do. I need to prepare for university life and so on, and so on.
So, yesterday my parents told me to extend my passport (since my passport is expired). Then this morning we go to the immigration office at Wonosobo to extend my passport. We set off at around 7 am and arrived there at around 8.30 am. Unfortunately my passport can't be done in 1-working-day and they told me to take it on next Monday. Since it's still morning, and it's not so far from a plateau called Dieng, so I asked my parents how about spending today there, and they said yes.
So after I finished, we went to Dieng Plateau which is only around 9 miles from the immigration office. We set off at around 9 am and arrived there at around 10 am.
You only have to pay 10k rupiahs/person to enter the Dieng Plateau area. There are so much places you can visit in Dieng Plateau area such as lakes, craters and temples. Actually I've ever gone here when I was a kid and of course, those memories aren't fully remembered.
Okay, now the most exciting thing, the places! First I went to Warna Lake (or in Indonesia we called it "Telaga Warna"). We have to pay 5k rupiahs/person to enter it. Warna Lake is a lake which has many colours from dark blue, light blue, dark green, light green, purple, and sometimes yellow comes out and they blend into a beautiful colours.


Cool right? View with so many colours in it. After walked a little bit, I saw a wooden house on the other side of the lake. I walked to the wooden house. Before I arrived at the wooden house, I arrived at a place like a delta,'s on the side of the lake.

After awhile, I arrived at the wooden house and I took a few pics there, it's so instagramable guys!

After that, I walked through the other side of the lake and guess what...There was another lake called Mirror Lake (or in Indonesia we call it "Telaga Pengilon"). It's called Mirror Lake because the water can reflect perfectly at a certain time, when the water is steady and the sun is at certain position. Unfortunately it was not reflecting the view perfectly when I was arrived there. But of course I took a few pics of it. Here ya go.

In the middle of the two lakes, there was a hill, not to big and I walked there. There were many caves with their own names. They are mystical caves which are still used by certain persons to pray for things such as marriage, happiness, kids, and so on, and so on. I met a woman guide who was explaining about those caves, who lives inside (of course it's not a human, and they believe it's God). And of course...IT'S SO DAMN CREEPY. I even didn't take pics there because yeah, I was afraid. Don't laugh at me. Okay. But I took a few pics on the entryway to the caves.

After that, I was out from the Warna Lake area, I went to see a crater called Sikidang Crater (or in indonesia we call it "Kawah Sikidang"). We can just walk from the Warna Lake area to the Sikidang Crater because it's only around 2 km from Warna Lake area. We have to pay 15k/persons to enter Sikidang Crater area. After I parked the car and the parking I was out and there were many persons offered us to buy mask because the sulphur was. So. Smelly. Like. Fart. So I was in. It was a great view there with so many sulphur rocks at the side of the path. The crater produced so huge amount of smelly smoke. But don't be sad. The smelly smoke is worth it. So I took a few pics there, here ya go!

Cool right? Gosh I'm so happy for today hahaha. Actually there are so many pics that I want to post on instagram, but unfortunately...they're blur. So, yeah. It's okay. It's. Okay. 
Hm, I think that's all for today, because now I have to prepare many things for the uni-lyre since I will move out from my place to my apartment in Jakarta. 'Til next time guys! 

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  1. These photos are stunning! Thanks for sharing lovely.

    XO, Jessi

  2. beautiful photography!


  3. I adore your photography!
    Hey farrell:)sumpah kayaknya harus explore indonesia nih next time..
    mind to follow my blog?
    xoxo, Sylvi Gautama

  4. That lake is gorgeous! Such a relaxing place to be. Also, good luck with school!

    Dakota D.
    Instagram/Snapchat/Twitter: @missdsquared413