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So, it's been a long time since I had this idea, an idea of making a youtube channel for myself. But yeah, there are many struggles of it. First is...I'm a shy-a-lil-bit person (LOL) when it comes to talking in front of many people. It's just hard for me, hahaha. Second, is I want to make a travel vlog, and yeah...Got no time to travel here, and there because of my major (architecture), and I'm still in my first year of it, so...yeah. Third is, I just scared of people comment about it, this and that and that, etc. Yeah. But...if I don't start it in any time, I know that that idea will be long gone and buried over my insecurities.
So, I try to ignore them all, and...YEAH! SURPRISE! I MADE MY OWN YOUTUBE CHANNEL! It's called Farrell Gerard and you can search it on youtube. I've made a travel vlog about my trip to Bali and I've uploaded it there, on my channel. You can look up to it.

I know it's still not good, the resolution's not good, the transitions, the color, and even the content. But I'm still trying to fixing them all and make them better in the next trip and vlog (Hope I can make it soon).
So, on behalf of it, I'm asking for you guys to encourage and support me to grow my youtube channel. You guys can watch my video and like it, and of course you guys can kindly subscribe my channel because that'll make me want to improve everything and make a good video, vlog, and even an content in this blog even better for you guys. I appreciate every support that you guys give to me in every form of it.
Maybe this all, thank you guys for your supports toward me until now. Thankyou!

Instagram : Farrellgerard
SnapChat : Farrellgerard16
Youtube : Farrell Gerard

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  1. Congrats on starting a Youtube page.Nice to get of your comfort zone and put your self out there. It takes courage.

    1. Thankyou! :) hope you can like and subscribe my channel I appreciate it! :)