Bali Vibe

1:04 PM

Hi there, I'm Farrell. So I'm in the middle of my graduation holiday and I think I'm gonna start this blog with my short trip to Bali last week.


So, last week I was fortunate enough to have a short staycation in paradise, Bali. Who doesn't know Bali? One of the must-visited island if you go to Indonesia, or if you're Indonesian and you want to spend your holiday (like me) there. It was refreshing enough to go to Bali to focus on the simple things like sun, sea, sands and wellbeing. There's a lot of beach you can visit there, and there's a lot of hotel near the beach that have a beautiful view of the beach. One of them is Sheraton Bali Kuta Resort that's located in Jl. Pantai Kuta beside Beachwalk mall. It has kuta beach view in front of them and you only have to go across the street to play at the beach. It was an amazing trip for me going to Bali even for a few days. I hope I can go back there in a short time. 

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  1. Great Pictures! Hope you had a good time there!
    Bernd -

  2. Beautiful photos, I have never been there... maybe someday :)


  3. bali is always fun!

  4. I also plan to go to Bali again this December haha
    Nice, keep writing!